Logo Design for The Little Stuffer

The little Stuffer is a woman on a mission to turn perceptions on taxidermy! A field primarily dominated by older men. She came to me wanting a brand design that would up the cute factor and help to sell her pieces to quirky couples that wanted something different in their homes. She looked at them as more than just stuffed animals, but rather personal pieces of artwork that celebrated life and nature. The goal was to create an aesthetic that would look great on social media, web, and mostly on the packaging. This way she could sell and present her work way that made it feel friendly and showed some personality. 

The entire logo was hand-illustrated by myself to make sure she had something as unique as her work, a dark purple was chosen to help give it a witchy look while the bubblegum pink upped the sweetness. The branding was then developed to provide a thank you card that would be slipped into boxes, this was created to have a tarot card feel further feeding into the sweet yet witchy vibe.


What the client thought

"I couldn't have asked for anything more perfectly me! It's just the right amount of quirk/sweetness to attract my ideal clients. Chelsea was so easy to work with, she helped guide me towards the best ideas without making me feel like all of my own were rubbish. She's a master figuring out what you need from what you say you want!" 

Dr Mal Vet


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