Route North  

Route north is a team of experienced commercial photographers and videographers working primarily in the events and sports industry. Company director Paul had been trading as Wildman Media for years and came to me wanting to refresh from a look that showed a one-man-band to a look that reflected what his company had grown too. I'd previously worked on a branding project for his other half (Wanderlove Glamping) and felt I was the right person to help out. The idea was to choose something that kept the sports/ trail look but developing it to look corporate enough to reflect the rest of the business. 

After discussing various ideas I came up with a text-based design that was connected by a 'route' between the letters. A bold and dynamic font as chosen that helped to enforce the sports feel as well as a strong colour to catch attention. the Logo was designed to be eyecatching and easy to view on uniform when staff attend events they're covering. 

Route North Media Watermark logo design for images
Route North Media Watermark logo design for images2

What the client thought

"I came to Chelsea knowing she wouldn't disappoint. She took the time to discuss my business with me and do the initial research before diving in. She hit the nail on the head in one go! The result was something that feels perfect for carrying my business forward!"

Paul Mitchel


Think you'd like to discuss a graphic design project with me? Let me know a little bit about yourself and your business in an email, and I'll get back to you asap. My office is in Liverpool (formerly Carlisle), but I'm happy to travel/ work remotely on projects all around the UK. 


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