Gin Bottle/ Logo Design for The Tipsy Filly 

Lovely Helen at the Tipsy Filly was one of my original clients when I set up as a freelance designer. Having come from a marketing background herself, she was able to communicate her vision to me with ease. We worked hard together to craft a whimsical logo/ brand that worked with the aesthetics of her upcycled gin bar. 

Helen was after a design that would be attractive to both couples and a festival audience, as well as wanting to market herself as a hired bar for corporate events and small personal ones.

After a few years of great success with the mobile bar, Helen's ambitions grew as quickly as her business. She came back to me looking to expand her offerings into gin, selling her bottles in Local Cumbrian shops as well as directly from her mobile bar. She's also now running cocktail workshops and hosting her gin-based events.  


What the client thought

"Chelsea made time to talk to me, and after some lengthy discussions, I felt she understood the look I was going for; after our initial consultation, I was confident that she could encapsulate the tipsy filly in a logo. I loved it so much that when it came to round two for the bottle design, there was no question that she'd be able to nail it. I love my gold foil gin bottles so much! "

Helen Askew


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