Hi, I'm Chelsea.

I have worked in the industry now for around ten years. After completing my design degree, I took a small in-house role in a print company, which enabled me to learn how to make designs from screen translate to print. I then held a design and communications role with local government, before working as a designer in a local creative agency. Eventually, with years of experience in various companies, I decided to go it solo. I especially enjoy working on logo design/ branding projects and getting to know new businesses from the ground up, working across the board to set you up with a visual identity and to consult on design for web, digital and print material. I also offer commercial photography enabling me to manage projects in their entirety and maintain a consistent look and feel to your brand. When needed I with a network of other talented creatives to ensure that everything looks and functions just the way it should. 

I am currently planted in Liverpool and offer Graphic design from my home studio off Lark Lane, but I have my roots in Cumbria (Carlisle, to be exact). As for me, I'm a big fan of Cinema, and I love nothing more than to analyse things meticulously. You can usually find me with a camera in my hand, trying my best to explore the great outdoors, or enjoying a massive coffee under the guise of a meeting.

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