An all in one Liverpool based graphic design service. Helping businesses to connect with their customers through visual communication.

Hi, I'm Chelsea. A graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer with an eye for clean yet creative design. I enjoy working to support passionate people that have long term vision for their business, using my skills to help bridge the gap between you and your target audience through considered and effective visual communication. 

I have worked in the industry now for around ten years. After completing my design degree, I took a small in-house role in a print company, which enabled me to learn how to make designs from screen translate to print. I then held a design and communications role with local government, before working as a designer in a local creative agency. Eventually, with years of experience in various companies, I decided to go it solo. I especially enjoy working on branding projects and getting to know new businesses from the ground up, working across the board to set you up with a visual identity and to consult on design for web, digital and print material. I also offer commercial photography enabling me to manage projects in their entirety and maintain a consistent look and feel to your brand. When needed I with a network of other talented creatives to ensure that everything looks and functions just the way it should. 

I am currently planted in Liverpool working from my home studio off Lark Lane, but I have my roots in Cumbria (Carlisle, to be exact). As for me, I'm a big fan of Cinema, and I love nothing more than to analyse things meticulously. You can usually find me with a camera in my hand, trying my best to explore the great outdoors, or enjoying a massive coffee under the guise of a meeting.

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Think you'd like to discuss a project with me? Let me know a little bit about yourself and your business in an email, and I'll get back to you asap. My office is in Liverpool (formerly Carlisle), but I'm happy to travel/ work remotely on projects all around the UK. 


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